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EKOenergy is an ecolabel for renewable electricity with sustainability requirements set by the EKOenergy Network. The EKOenergy Network is an international network of environmental organisations that promote the use of sustainable electricity.

The purpose of the EKOenergy label is to help electricity suppliers to sell a recognizable and widely accepted electricity product whilst assisting consumers in navigating the complex European electricity market.

For each MWh of EKOenergy sold, the retailer contributes €0.10 to EKOenergy’s Climate Fund. This money is used to finance renewable energy projects tackling energy poverty.

For hydropower, each MWh sold as EKOenergy, also require that a minimum of €0.10 is paid into the EKOenergy Environmental Fund to finance river restoration projects.

The Greenhouse Gas Protocol, LEED and CDP all recommend using EKOenergy.


The following stations in our production portfolio meet the EKOenergy criteria and are eligible for the ecolabel:

Iveland: https://www.ae.no/en/operations/hydropower/power-stations/iveland/

Finndøla: https://www.ae.no/en/operations/hydropower/power-stations/finndola/

Laudal. https://www.ae.no/en/operations/hydropower/power-stations/laudal/


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