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Environmental Products and Services

At Entelios we offer a range of advisory, management and execution services across a number of environmental products.

For our customers we manage renewable attributes which relate to both clean energy production and consumption. We also manage compliance and opportunities in relation to customer carbon market activities.

Renewable Energy Certificates – for producers and consumers of renewable energy

  • EECS GOs (Guarantee of Origins under the European Energy Certificate Scheme, Europe)
  • I-RECs (International Renewable Energy Certificates, global)
  • Elcertificates (Sweden, Norway)
  • REGOs (Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin scheme, United Kingdom)
  • RECS (North American Renewable Energy Certificate schemes)


Carbon Certificates – for energy intensive industries

  • EU Allowances under the EU Emission Trading Scheme (EU ETS, Europe)
  • Carbon offsets (global)

Renewable energy and carbon certificates are a fairly new class of commodities traded in national, European and even global markets. Their value is often created by regulatory intervention e.g. by an individuals’ or companies’ rights to pollute emissions while creating scarcity on their availability, by providing certificates to renewable energy producers as a type of subsidy and/or by setting up obligations for market participants to meet minimum requirements for generating or purchasing green electricity.

More information regarding the different environmental products and their regulatory background are provided in our website EnergyOrigins.net/certificate-schemes

With the generation costs for renewables decreasing the voluntary demand for electricity generated from renewable energy sources gradually replaces the need for regulatory support systems. Global initiatives like the UN’s science based target program, the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals including the Paris Agreement and global industrial initiatives such as the RE100 are setting the agenda for corporate stakeholders, cities, states and regions encouraging them to set their targets and procurement strategies for reducing the carbon footprint of their operations.

More information regarding the different environmental products and their regulatory background are provided in our website EnergyOrigins.net/market-drivers

At Entelios we believe that such environmental markets are a recognised tool to document reduction of greenhouse gas emissions or increase the consumption of renewables. Our engagement therefore contributes to meet our customers needs in managing their sustainability strategy in a cost-effective manner and establish us as their long term partner on environmental issues related to energy production or consumption.

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