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Energy Efficiency Fund

(Only Available to Entelios Customers in Sweden)

Does your company want to implement energy efficiency measures? Then maybe Entelios can help you with a financial contribution!

All corporate customers can apply for money from the Energy Efficiency Fund. The money will be used for concrete measures where the result can be measured in saved electric energy.

The money comes from the sale of Bra Miljöval which is the Nature Conservation Society’s own environmental label. It is the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation that grants the projects and they preferably prioritize projects where the technology needs to be introduced and has great efficiency potential. To the application you must enclose an idea of ​​how and where the electricity is used at present divided by heat, lighting, ventilation, the process and the rest.

Contact us, and we will tell you more about which criteria must be fulfilled for projects financed by the Energy Efficiency Fund. More information can be found here.