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GO Management

For more then 15 years we have managed Guarantees of Origin (GOs) for our customers.

The GO is the main certificate scheme used in Europe to track renewable production in relation to declarations of renewable consumption.

Since 2009 it has been compulsory within the European Union that GOs be issued to renewable generation plants in order to track their electricity output, and for the GOs to be used as a disclosure mechanism to denote the consumption of renewable electricity by suppliers or end users.

In countries where no GO standard exists we are able to procure I-RECs to document such claims. Similar to EECS GOs, an I-REC is issued in accordance with the generation output of an accredited power plant and – governed by the I-REC standard –  we can therefore document the consumption of renewable electricity.

Building on our experience, our international presence, customer network and our profile as 100% renewable company we have expanded our services towards the management of GO portfolios.

Our main products feature within the areas of: