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Consulting and market strategies:

Your path to successful flexibility commercialisation

Our experience becomes your advantage – we work with you throughout the entire process, starting with the analysis of your asset’s technological potential, the preparation of a commercialisation strategy, and setting up the remote control to our Realtime System and Network Operations Center to completion of the pre-qualification stage.

  • Technological analysis: identifying flexible processes and working out the framework conditions for subsequent commercialisation, taking into account your operational and process-related demands (production and delivery commitments, costs, operational safety, etc.).
  • Economic analysis / Market strategy
    • Analysing the cost structure (opportunity costs)
    • Preparing an integrated commercialisation strategy across all flexibility markets (360° demand response)
    • Indicating the economic potential of flexibility commercialisation.
  • Optional (depending on the market strategy): setting up the remote control between your asset(s) to the Entelios Network Operations Center using the Entelios E-Box.
  • Optional (depending on the market strategy): preparing the documentation for applying to the TSO for pre-qualification.

We work with you from the initial idea to implementation: from preparing the concept and developing the project jointly with experienced partners, up to the pre-qualification stage and finally, to profitable commercialisation. Please contact our consultants to find out more.


Commercialising your flexibility:

One platform for all flexibility markets (control reserve, interruptible loads, intraday)

Via the real-time platform – certified in accordance with the demands on critical infrastructure (KRITIS) – we can commercialise your flexibility potential in all markets. This means that you obtain all the available market opportunities from one source (360° demand response). We market your plant in line with an individual strategy that is agreed with you beforehand. Our service includes:

  • Prognosis and optimisation of the bidding strategy on a daily or weekly basis
  • Operation of a 24/7 operations center for commercialising the following products in all German control areas:
  • Provision of backup-capacity
  • Communication with market partners (e.g. in case of asset outages)


360° demand response:

Optimising revenues and minimising risk through diversification

Entelios is active in all available flexibility markets, so we can react quickly to market developments and thus shift your flexibilities into the most lucrative markets. This diversification strategy is particularly helpful in realising optimised commercial success in a dynamic and volatile market environment.

We show the ideal development path towards diversification and concrete optimisation examples in the context of the 360° demand response approach in the following.

Various stages of the diversification strategy (sequential and parallel optimisation):





Example: possible combination of commercialisation alternatives


Operational processing:

To ensure a smooth process and maximum ease of commercialisation for our customers, Entelios carries out all commercialisation-related processes. Depending on the product, this includes:

  • Balancing group management
  • Execution of (correction) schedules
  • Recharging management for batteries in Primary Control Reserve
  • REMIT information
  • Daily and/or monthly reporting