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TRIMET Aluminium SE

Locations:                            Essen & Voerde

Plant type:                           Aluminium electrolysis

Products:                             Control reserve (FCR, aFRR, mFRR), intraday optimisation


TRIMET’s aluminium electrolysis can vary the power they obtain from the grid at short notice by up to 25 %, functioning as “virtual batteries” in the Entelios Demand Response Programme. As part of the 360° strategy we provide the complete range of flexibility commercialisation (FCR, aFRR, mFRR, Intraday).


Cardboard and paper industry

Locations:                            All over Germany

Plant type:                           Loads (incl. paper machines, paper recycling plant, grinders)
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  ___and generation (incl. gas and steam turbines,
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  ___backup generators)

Products:                             Control reserve (FCR, aFRR, mFRR), Interruptible loads,
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  ___ Intraday optimisation


A pioneering role in the flexibility market: with the amendment to the regulation on Interruptible Loads (AbLaV) in 2016, Entelios was the first company in Germany to succeed in obtaining pre-qualification for ensuring grid stability with a paper machine. Since 2017 Entelios is using paper machines on a large scale for commercialising within the Interruptible Loads programme. This proves that even in highly sensitive production fields, there are opportunities to use existing flexibility to both benefit the system and bring in revenue.

In addition, Entelios has been working for years to develop flexibility concepts for all loads and power generating installations at paper production locations.


AIR LIQUIDE Deutschland GmbH




Locations:                            Gundelfingen & Oberhausen

Plant type:                            Nitrogen liquefaction cycle

Product:                                Interruptible loads


Pre-qualification and commercialization of two nitrogen liquefaction cycles on the sites Gundelfingen and Oberhausen since beginning/mid of 2018 in the regulation of interruptible loads. The nitrogen liquefaction process can be shutdown at short notice if required in order to secure the grid stability.


Asset Backed Trading

Location:                              Schwarzheide

Plant type:                           Gas and steam power plant

Product:                               Asset Backed Trading


Since end of 2017 BASF makes use of the possibility to optimise the generation portfolio of its gas and steam power plant on the intraday market via Asset Backed Trading – from the nomination to the schedule execution. The fully automated process of the proprietary developed automated Algo-Trader uses the significant price volatilities in the Intraday market of the EPEX-Spot to further maximize the revenues.


Asset Backed Trading

Location:                              Leuna

Plant type:                           Quick start gas turbine

Product:                               Asset Backed Trading  – „All-or-Nothing “


Next to the optimisation of the generation portfolio of its gas and steam power plant Infraleuna launched in 2019 together with Entelios the automated commercialisation of a quick start gas turbine on the Intraday market with the so called “All-or-Nothing” feature. Due to the operation characteristics of the gas turbine this feature guarantees the request of the unit’s complete capacity.



Industrial storage with Second-Use automotive batteries

Location:                              Trostberg

Plant type:                            Industrial storage consisting of Second-Use e-car batteries

Products:                              FCR, reactive power compensation, Peak shaving


Pre-qualification and commercialisation of an industrial storage whose battery system is equipped with Second-Use e-car batteries form the automobile manufacturer Daimler. Next to the delivery of PCR on the control reserve market it is possible for the municipal utilities of Trostberg to use the battery system for reactive power compensation as well as peak shaving.


AÜW (Allgäuer Überlandwerk GmbH) – Large-scale battery

Location:                              Kempten

Plant type:                            Lithium-ion battery pool

Product:                                FCR


Pre-qualification and commercialization of a large-scale battery system via Entelios in the Frequency Containment Reserve (FCR), the most demanding control reserve product. The Li-ion battery pool with a capacity of 6.4 MW is due to its fast response time and delivery accuracy particularly suitable for the balancing of grid fluctuations. Hence with the commercialisation in the FCR the battery pool is permanently contributing to the stabilization of the German power grid.