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Industrial loads:

Entelios’ long-term customers no longer resist from briefly reducing the production process in a controlled way or even interrupting it completely in order to relieve the electricity grid in a bottleneck situation. The financial benefit of the Entelios Demand Response Programme has become a significant cost reduction factor for our participants. It is particularly suited to industrial processes with high, consistent power usage, e.g.:

  • Electrolysis processes (production of aluminium, chlorine, copper, hydrogen)
  • Industrial furnaces (production of siIicon, carbide, carbon fibres)
  • Cooling compressors (cooling or production of industrial gases)
  • Paper machines (production of cardboard and graphic papers)
  • Grinders, pulpers, choppers (production of cellulose or wood derived products)

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Power stations:

A large number of power plant operators in the industry and electricity supply has entrusted us with the task of optimising their generating flexibility in the control reserve market and short term market.

Control reserve: we offer our participants automatic access to all control reserve products (primary control reserve (PCR), secondary control reserve (SCR), minute/tertiary reserve (TCR) in all four German TSO (transmission system operator) control areas).

Short-term markets: in particular gas fired power stations often have a marginal cost structure that is ideal for optimising spare generating capacity on the intraday market. Thanks to our experienced consultants and analytic tools, Entelios can model the power plants‘ existing resource scheduling and evaluate the additional optimisation potential of flexible capacity. To do this, we have developed an asset-backed trading approach, supported by fully automated trading processes that include remote control units at the power plant, to optimise flexibly in quarter-hourly or hourly trading. Please find more detail in our product descriptions and project references.


Batteries and hybrid power plants:

Containerised Li-ion battery storage systems are considered the Swiss army pocket knife for the energy transition. Whether for supplying primary control reserve, peak shaving, reactive power compensation at grid level or optimising grid fees and providing emergency power, battery systems in the MW range provide a wide spectrum of potential applications for energy suppliers and industrial enterprises.

The only weakness of batteries is their limited storage capacity. Entelios solves this issue for its customers with own generating capacities by applying Entelios hybrid power plant technology:

  • Batteries can follow demand quickly and precisely, but their supply duration is restricted by their limited capacity.
  • Generating plants (e.g. gas power plants) have almost unlimited supply capacity thanks to their constant fuel supply, but are limited in their dynamism and precision.
  • Hybrid power plants, comprising a dual system of batteries and generating installations, unite the advantages of both technologies in that each side balances out the weaknesses of the other, providing optimum efficiency.

The current and future markets for flexibility need increasing precision and dynamism.  Entelios‘ hybrid power plant technology can bring in particular older, less dynamic power plants up to speed, enabling them to continue to participate profitably in the flexibility markets in future. Click here for reference projects realised by Entelios.

Entelios works with interested clients in industry and the energy supply sector from the initial idea all the way to the implementation: from preparing the concept and developing the project jointly with experienced partners, up to the pre-qualification stage and finally, to profitable commercialisation. If you are interested in a non-binding analysis and concept preparation for batteries or hybrid power plants, please contact our consultants.