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Asset Backed Trading

Optimisation of flexible capacities on the intraday market with the Entelios trading machine

The operational planning of e.g. CHP plants normally closes with the creation of schedules for the day-ahead trading. Within that process the vast price volatilities of the intraday trading provide a further opportunity to optimise the revenues of the generation portfolio, especially with the use of a consistent automated process – from the nomination to the schedule execution.


Revenues from the price volatilities on the intraday market

Entelios optimises the revenues on the intraday market based on strategies with the most frequent turn of the open positions. In a lot of cases this means the generation of additional revenues for the power plant without a schedule adaption.


Process flow ABT


Trading process ABT

Contrary to the day-ahead auctions the ongoing intraday market shows significant price volatilities. For flexible industrial facilities offers this the potential of arbitrage opportunities. Due to the excellent market knowledge of the Entelios experts it is possible to capitalize these flexibilities with individual strategies and hence to further maximise the revenues.

By means of a proprietary developed Entelios technology lucrative trading strategies can be implemented automatically.

Due to the Entelios trading machine flexible assets are able to benefit from low as well as high electricity prices on the intraday market. A significant optimisation in comparison to the day-ahead electricity prices is possible for the participants.

Entelios aligns the purchase prices as well as repurchase prices individually to the necessities of the customer. These are further continuously optimised.


Entelios services

  • Provision of XBID/EPEX-SPOT market access
  • Customised backtrading strategies for the turning of positions
  • Continuous automated process (end-to-end)
  • Handling of all peripheral processes (back office)



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