A part of Agder Energi

Power Supply

Together with Nordgröön, Entelios is a part of the Central & Western Europe unit (CWE) of the Energy Management & Trading division of the Norwegian energy company, Agder Energi.

Nordgröön acts as a market integrator of renewable energy into the power market and regional structures of Northern Germany.  Our current product scope includes direct marketing, Virtual Power Plants (VPP) services, the sale of electricity to third parties on behalf of owners of renewable energy installations and ancillary services for secondary control reserve markets.

Nordgröön is committed to its goal of providing 100 % renewable energy for a more sustainable future. Our concepts are designed to synchronize renewable generation and consumption (from private customers, through traders to heavy industry) in a decentralized and regional context. To successfully pursue our ambitious goals, we have built structures, processes and strong expertise, in addition to alliances with partnering companies.

Read more at http://www.nordgroon.de