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We enable our customers to lead the way in the transition to sustainable energy solutions

Agder Energi has combined three of its marketing companies in the Nordic countries and Central and Western Europe under the Entelios brand that provides clean energy, specialised expertise and technology. The aim is to help industrial companies, businesses and public bodies to lead the way in the transition to sustainable energy solutions.

The three companies under the new common brand are LOS Energy, Entelios and AE Solutions.

“Our competitive strengths are our competencies, technology and close customer relationships. These have afforded us a leading position in traditional markets, where hydropower is key, and in new markets where wind and solar energy are on the increase. We have developed customised and innovative solutions for customers throughout Europe, across both market and national boundaries. We are now combining our forces to create an even stronger unit in a European energy system facing fundamental changes,” says Steffen Syvertsen, EVP Energy Management and Trading at Agder Energi.

Entelios is also a major player within the sale of Guarantees of Origin for producers of wind and solar energy and hydropower in and outside Europe.

The Nordic countries

In terms of volume, Entelios is the largest supplier of renewable energy to businesses in Norway.

“We are experiencing rapid growth in the region and have an excellent position to achieve a key role when companies in the Nordic region start to adapt to changes in the energy market. We have achieved this position on the grounds of skilled power management, innovative solutions for our customers, technology and offensive expansion,” explains Atle Knudsen, CEO of Entelios Nordic.


“In Germany, Entelios primarily works with self-developed digital solutions that, at a second’s notice, can control energy-intensive companies to help the TSOs to stabilise their grids and thus facilitate the integration of fluctuating renewable energies. Additionally, we achieve socio-economic gains and promote sustainable energy by balancing the power system,” explains Harald von Heyden, CEO Entelios Central and Western Europe

The key role of hydropower

The different units in Entelios sell and manage clean energy, flexibility systems and optimisation of decentralised production. At the very core and foundations of Entelios’ competitive strengths is the key role of renewable energy in the European energy system of the future. It is for this reason Entelios aims to be the preferred partner for customers aiming to contribute to a sustainable future.

What does Entelios mean?

The name Entelios encompasses both energy and technology, while the four last letters can be read as an abbreviation of Helios, the Greek God of the Sun, or as an interpretation of the Norwegian word “helhet”, which translates as whole or entirety. The logo comprises several elements, which may be interpreted as fluctuating curves, landscape and water. These represent our history and can be associated with varying resource requirements, consumption peaks and energy.

Our aim is to present Entelios as an innovative group of companies aiming to identify new ways of working in the power market,” explains Steffen Syvertsen.


For more detailed information:

Harald von Heyden, CEO Entelios Central & Western Europe

Phone: (+47) 922 88 103



Facts on Entelios:

Entelios, wholly-owned by Agder Energi, provides clean energy, specialised expertise and technology allowing industrial companies, businesses and public bodies to take a leading role in the transition to sustainable energy solutions. The core business is the management and trade of renewable energy in the Nordic and European power markets on behalf of customers. The company has an excellent position to provide flexible and sustainable solutions in a more integrated European energy system. Entelios aims to be the most important contributor towards a sustainable future for all customers.


Facts on Agder Energi:

Agder Energi is a Norwegian energy group involved in hydropower production, distribution of energy, power trading and customer solutions for the corporate and private markets. The Group has operations in Norway, the Nordic countries and Europe, works on the further development of hydropower production in Norway and invests in new trading solutions for the decentralised energy market in Europe.

The 30 municipalities in the region of Agder are the majority shareholders of Agder Energi, with 54.475% of the shares. Statkraft Holding AS owns the remaining 45.525% of the shares.