A part of Agder Energi

About us

Entelios provides clean energy, expertise and technology that enables industries, companies and the public sector to become a driving force in the transition to a renewable and sustainable future.


We aim to be our customers most important contribution to a sustainable future.


​Our core business is management and trading of renewable energy in the Nordic and European electricity markets on behalf of our customers. In addition, Entelios is a leading provider of technology solutions to provide flexibility in order to stabilize energy flows across the grid.

You can visit our offices in Germany (Berlin and Munich), Switzerland (Zurich), Sweden (Stockholm and Gothenburg) and Norway (Oslo, Arendal and Kristiansand). However, you´ll find our customers almost all over the world.

Entelios is fully owned by Agder Energi.


About Agder Energi:

Agder Energi is a Norwegian energy group involved in hydroelectric power generation, electricity distribution, electricity trading and services for customers in the business and consumer markets.

The Group is a visionary and forward thinking player in a European market that is being shaped by climate policy and profound technological changes, and where Norwegian hydropower represents valuable business opportunities. ​

Agder Energi develops market solutions for the future through partnerships with leading technology players and though ownership positions in European companies.